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🤩 More Useful Features (in the pipeline)

✅ Browser plugin

✅ Tags

✅ Daily Email Reminder

✅ Import highlight by email

✅ Import Twitter bookmarks

✅ Migrate from Readwise

✅ Browse by tags

✅ Import by iOS/Android app

⏳ Automatically export to Notion/Obsidian

⏳ Automatically export to Logseq

⏳ Full text search

+ Add more feature to roadmap
Where could I import highlights from?

Readavocado supports importing highlights from
1. Amazon Kindle via iOS app, Clipping.txt, Chrome plugin, e-mail (Sideload Kindle books is supported ⭐️).
2. Your Twitter Bookmarks - Revisit your old twitter bookmarks for inspiring ideas ✨
3. Readwise - Migrate from Readwise with 2 clicks

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Why does it have a paid plan.

I want to make Readavocado reach as much people as possible but Readavocado use lots of paid services to run e.g. Apple developer account ($100/year), Email service ($20/month), Hosting ($22/month) so in order to make it sustainable in the long run, some of the features which rely on those services are only available in the paid plan.

I have a question.

Send me an email at [email protected] or DM me @CyrusZhang99 on Twitter. I promise to reply every DM🙏🏻